Opposites Extract

a debate podcast about coffee.

Opposites Extract is a show dedicated to exploring specialty coffee through lively, reasoned, and civil debate about a whole range of topics relevant to anybody who works drinks, loves, hates, dreams about, thinks about, works with, or is simply curious about coffee.


(In other words, you don't have to be pro to be pro or con.)


In each episode, debaters will square off and argue from assigned sides, as determined by a random coin toss. Participating debaters pledge to honor and represent the position they are assigned, regardless of their personal opinions and perspectives. At the end of each episode, debaters will have an opportunity to discuss their actual thoughts about the topic, and their process in formulating their arguments.


Things might get a little heated sometimes, but hey, we're brewing here.


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Meister : 

Like most superheros, Meister is torn between two worlds: coffee, and coffee. In one, Meister sells, cups, and teaches roasters about green coffee for Cafe Imports in Minneapolis. In the other, Meister writes, reads, and interviews people about... well, coffee, actually. So it's really just one world. One very, very caffeinated world.


This coffee-centric life inspires Meister to listen to, learn from, and appreciate various points of view in the specialty realm. For this reason, Meister reserves the right to be self-contradictory at any time.


Joe :

Curious and careful, Joe is a not just a coffee nerd, but an ambassador for the coffee industry. Finding joy in the fun world of flavor doesn’t distract Joe from digging deeper into cultural, social, ecological, ethical challenges presented in and around the coffee creative.


Coffee Cred: Barista (past regional champ), Teacher (Director of Ed at Café Imports, SCAA Instructor, Award Winner), Roaster (you have fire and coffee, Joe can make it delicious), Taster


Enriching Joe’s experiences are his wife, two children, love of cooking, nature and finding wonder in all of life’s gifts. He brings a compassionate voice that cares enough to both not fear the truth, nor panic over being wrong.